vk looks around the theme of the colour RED

user @usagi

KYOUKA (Aliene Ma'riage)hide (X JAPAN)Közi (MALICE MIZER)

user @veir

IZAM (SHAZNA)Hakuei (Penicillin)Kazuma (RAKUXGAKI)

user @irodori

Hayato (Codomo Dragon)KAMAITACHIDaisuke (蜉蝣)

COMMENT: Daisuke's grotesque dress-up suit makes the lyrics even uglier; the others are just ... a good time =3=

user @gintongles

Imai (BUCK-TICK)Shinya (dir en grey)Közi (MALICE MIZER)

COMMENT: 01. With clashing patterns, vibrant colors, and excessive tartan, Imai Hisashi proves yet again that punk is not dead.

02.Shinya makes a statement in this red and black PVC ensemble: 'I am a luxury few can afford.

03.'I love this androgynous look by Közi from the Kyoumu no Naka de no Yuugi music video. With the jarring yet elegant combination of fishnets, PVC, lace, and elegant corsetry, this look exudes 'slutty, yet sophisticated' clown vibes.

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Közi (MALICE MIZER)Tomo (DADAROMA)Kaoru (dir en grey)

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Yoshiki (X JAPAN)Kirito (Pierrot)Machi (Lareine)

Yoshiki in roses is so iconique you can buy a doll.

Kirito in Yuuyami suicide is the best red clothed man to dance in the black lodge since the Man from Another Place. Also the striped pants and midriff? Sass and class.

Machi is an underrated king of red and looks amazing. An inspiration.

user @every zikill people and zikid

hide (X JAPAN)Tsuzuku (MEJIBRAY)hide (X JAPAN)

01 : the most classic image of hide in my mind, the big red hair was always to me his signature and one of the things that made me fall in love with his style, and why he's been such a big influence on my life. (I too started teasing my hair to high heavens after finding x) This very "casual" image feels very honest to who he is if I can say that, like obviously there's an extent of drama and flair to his look but that's also true of his character, bold and in your face, but very friendly.

02 : even with mejibray's over the top image this look always stood out to me, bc for me it really encapsulates his image at the time; sexy, grotesque and in your face, the outfit itself isn't the most unique thing in his catalog, but the bold colors leave more room to take in the details and silhouette.

03 : perfectly encapsulates hides eye for fashion art and detail, the attention to the background and the organic balance between the two looks, twins instead of mirror images. The theme in itself is very gothic which I love, in a way reminds you of dante's hell and other theatrical and grotesque, but lush imagery of classic literature with heavy overtones of religious themes. To quote Elian, "there's a lot in how the way the red in the arches in comparison with the dusty marble 'frame' is like a great big mouth, like they're in front of the gates of hell"

user @Serina Ysabel's 'Diru Trinity'


01 : Whether this is legit or not, IT'S A BOMB

02 : Behold, the King of Kiyoharu cosplay

user @sayonaraningen

hide (X JAPAN)Die (dir en grey)Kyonosuke (Kizu)

Of course when I think of red the first man that comes to mind is hide, but I like this particular look and photoshoot so much

Not exactly a look but the second man I think about is Die, with his iconique red hair This is one of my favorite pictures of him

Finally, to represent new kei out here, this is one of my favorite looks (of the many great looks he had) of Kyonosuke from kizu. Although it isn't all red like the other two I think red is definitely the protagonist in this, starting from his eyes.

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hide (X JAPAN)RouageRuki (The GazettE)

user @lux

Kirito (Pierrot)MALICE MIZERKyo (dir en grey)

user @Asstronaut


01. iconic. the pure power it submits

02. the red velvet and robes makes it a real iconic red outfit for me, the first thing i thought about for the prompt

03. even tho the picture uses yellow light because of his hair it is still red. i just really love it also the picture is a nice one in this moment